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« NFL Football Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns from FirstEnergy Stadium (HD) Baltimore has won the past four meetings with the Browns, including a 24-10 victory in Week 2; Cleveland suffered a 27-21 overtime loss to Green Bay in Week 14.
NFL Football New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers from Heinz Field (HD) New England has won the past four vs. the Steelers, including a 36-17 win in last season's AFC Championship Game; Pittsburgh has an eight-game winning streak.

Lost in Space The Girl from the Green Dimension (TV-G) When a green girl from another dimension courts Dr. Smith, the girl's brutish ex-boyfriend follows her and vows to kill his rival in love, Dr. Smith.
Lost in Space The Questing Beast (TV-G) Will becomes enamored with a knight who claims that he has been tracking a horrible beast for the past 40 years, intent on killing it.
Lost in Space The Toymaker (TV-G) Dr. Smith and Will end up inside of an unusual vending machine where a strict toymaker mistakes the two of them for escaped puppets.

Person of Interest All In (HD, TV-14) The latest POI leads Reese and Finch into the casinos of Atlantic City to delve beneath the surface of an elderly gambler's seemingly ordinary life.
Mom Mozzarella Sticks and a Gay Piano Bar (HD, TV-14) Christy and Bonnie become fixated on helping others after managing to get a recovering drug addict back on her feet, but they may have chosen too big a target.
Mom Sawdust and Brisket (HD, TV-14) Christy is elated when Violet expresses a desire to spend more time with her; Bonnie attempts to apologize for the way she has acted towards her office nemesis.
2 Broke Girls And You Bet Your Ass (HD, TV-14) Caroline continues to speak with studio writers about making her life story into a film; Max's Hollywood beau arranges a date for Caroline.
2 Broke Girls And the Great Escape (HD, TV-14) Max must find Randy's dog after he escapes under her watch; Caroline arranges to meet with actresses who may be playing her in the potential film.

The Rebel Explosion (TV-PG) Yuma stumbles upon a scene where Roy Shandel has murder his partner in order to keep his money away from an upcoming staged robbery; Yuma is able to capture Sha
The Rebel Vindication (TV-PG) Yuma's horse is killed by Apaches and he is forced to request help from a stagecoach driver, who is transporting a group of passengers.
Maverick Betrayal (TV-14) Bart and an attractive woman are riding in a stagecoach when they are held up by bandits, but during the robbery Bart notices that she recognizes one of them.
Black Sheep Squadron The Hawk Flies on Sunday (TV-PG) T.J.'s Eurasian girlfriend is unpopular when the Squadron is passed over for the mission to kill Adm. Yamamoto because it is feared she is a security risk.

« Any Which Way You Can (TV-14, PG, **+) Philo Beddoe evades the authorities with his orangutan friend while considering a championship fight with a mob-sponsored fighter.
Sudden Impact (TV-14, R, **+) Maverick cop Dirty Harry tracks a mysterious killer and discovers that the murderer is a woman out for revenge against the men who raped her and her sister.
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