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KD/PG Sunday Edition
The NFL Today (HD) A comprehensive preview of all of the games scheduled to be played in the National Football League, including expert analysis and exclusive interviews.
NFL Football Tennessee Titans vs Los Angeles Chargers from Wembley Stadium in London (HD) Tennessee has lost two-straight with its 21-0 loss to Baltimore in Week 6; Los Angeles has won 10 of the past 11 vs. the Titans, including a 43-35 win in 2016.

« Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Lead Me Not (TV-G) Mike's sister Marjorie comes to town with the Women's Temperance League, renewing her relationship with Loren; Black Moon has visions of victory.
On the Spot Get Creative, What Could Have Been, Ridiculous Theories (HD, TV-G) A collection of peculiar theories through history are explored, including that of a flying device capable of carrying people, doomsday prophecies and water.
The Coolest Places on Earth Coolest European Vacation (HD, TV-G) A journey to the most intense and surprising places on the planet from cities and festivals to finding the most awe-inspiring landmarks and works of nature.
Zoo Clues Top 10 Smelliest Animals (HD, TV-G) Host Bill Llyod answers many frequently asked questions, and shares little-known information about some of the world's most amazing animals.
Animal Atlas Commonalities (HD, TV-G) A look at animals that are closely related and share similar physical adaptations but don't look or behave alike, like birds and bats.
Wonderful World (TV-G) In-depth explanations of the various wild and exotic animals across the globe, with footage of the many creatures as they adapt and survive in the wilderness.

« The Ernest Angley Hour (TV-G) Reverend Ernest Angley carries out his mission to take Jesus Christ to the World, as he praises God through music and rejoices with those who have received.
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« The Greatest American Hero Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (TV-PG) Bill and Ralph hunt a sea creature named "Carrie" in the Bermuda Triangle, suspecting it is the cause of all the missing boats that vanish there.
Travel Thru History Dublin (TV-G) Travel writer Ruth Kozak travels across the globe providing extensive commentary on the historical significance of whatever country she is in at that time.
Skooled Making New Friends (TV-G) The youthful teachers instruct music and filmmaking courses.
Make: Television (HD, TV-G) Inventors, artists and everyday people reveal the effort that went into creating new and innovative technologies, gadgets and inventions.
Walking Wild at the San Diego Zoo Pandas, Gerenuks and Gibbons (HD, TV-G) Dedicated individuals who work at the San Diego Zoo share glimpses into the world of wild animals providing a unique and up-close look at each animal.
Safari The Gray Wolf Part 2 (TV-G) Host John Ross travels the farthest reaches of the world and brings viewers face-to-face with some of Earth's most interesting animals.

« Charro! (TV-14, G, *) A reformed gunfighter falsely accused of stealing a Mexican cannon desperately attempts to find the real criminals who are responsible for the crime.
Wagon Master (TV-PG, NR, **+) A group of migrating Mormons hires two horse traders as guides when they set out to found a new colony in the isolated hills of Utah.
Man in the Wilderness (TV-14, PG, ***) A fur trader is attacked by a grizzly bear and left to die, but when he recovers, he vows to track down his former partners and exact his revenge on them.
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